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1. Empathy

I believe every protagonist should be relatable in some way. Even sociopaths/serial killers have managed to do this (cf: Dexter). Unlike the Charmings who present a rather skewed view of what it means to be good, Regina and Rumple are both more relatable. Because we’ve gotten to see how they went down their FTL paths we can empathize with them because we can see ourselves in that position, faced with those choices and who could say any one of us would choose differently?

2. Change

Rumple/Regina are also characters with the most potential for change, something that keeps the story moving and the audience interested. While Snow/Charming are the “good” guys we’ve seen barely any change to their characters, individually or as a couple, and are unlikely to do so since they are supposed to be the perfect ideal. I had really hoped after “We are Both” the show would acknowledge that the Charmings are NOT perfect but recognize that they know this and strive for better. In that sense Regina is the only hero in Storybrooke since she alone recognizes her complicated relationship with magic and is actively trying to change.